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Website Help /FAQs

There is something broken with the site, how do I report it? Taking screenshots

First try pressing Cntl + F5. This refreshes what you see on screen to get the latest web page. If you get an error screen - take a screen picture. A screen shot captures exactly what you see on screen.

Taking a screen shot for Internet Explorer 8

Press Alt + Print Scr (print screen) Go to Start, open Photo Editor go to Edit menu and "Paste as New Image" Save this image to your desktop. File menu “Save as…” Name it something relevant i.e. error_with_volunteering_application_form.jpg Attach the image (. jpeg) to your email or support ticket. Email your technical issue towebsite@guidedogs.org.uk. We can answer your query faster if you include:

  • A screen shot
  • A description of the page and the error.

"This page the volunteering application form is not displaying the form correctly, the form is displaying low down the page (see screen shot)http://www.guidedogs.org.uk/supportus/volunteering/apply-now/?no_cache=1

  • What browser you are using, and version, i.e. Internet Explorer version 8
  • Your contact details
  • If relevant any software you use i.e. JAWS screen reader.

The Digital Media team will email you back within 10 working days, please include a daytime phone number if you prefer to be phoned.

Taking a screen shot in other versions of Windows and Firefox

http://www.wikihow.com/Take-a-Screenshot-in-Microsoft-Windows http://www.wikihow.com/Print-Web-Pages-With-Firefox

Where can I learn more about using the Internet?

A great source of online tips and hints, especially for people new to the web, is the BBC's webwise site.

My browser is out of date - how can I get a new one?

This site is designed to be used with version 8 and above of Internet Explorer and versions 18, 25 and 32 of Mozilla Firefox browsers. The site has also been tested on: Chrome and Safari on PC & Mac. Opera (Windows). Unix based machines. Recent versions of Opera, Firefox & Konquer. Earlier browsers do not support crucial accessibility features. If you need the latest versions of these browsers, they can be downloaded free of charge from:

Mozilla Firefox


Internet Explorer


How do I get back to your site if I leave it?

The address of our site is
www.guidedogs.org.uk If you want to come back to this site at any time, type in the address in the browser address bar and press enter. To save you doing this more than once, add this page to your Favourites (in Internet Explorer click on Favourites >Add to favourites > and then name the page something that you will remember like Guide Dogs website). If you are using Netscape Navigator go to Bookmarks; this works like Favourites.

How can I find what I need on your site?


Each page has a search box. Type a key word or phrase, e.g. challenge event, into the search box and click the "Go" button. A list of links to pages containing your search word will come up.

Site map

Our site map shows you a list of the site's main section pages. You can click directly to the pages that interest you.

The text is too small for me to read - how can I change it?

The easiest way to change text size is to click one of the AAA buttons at the top left of the page. The biggest A will give you the biggest text size, and so on. You can also customise your browser (Internet Explorer, Mozilla or similar programme) to make the text larger. If you are using Internet Explorer, choose View then Text size and select Medium, Larger or Largest. Similarly in Netscape, choose View then Increase text size.

I find using a mouse difficult - is there something else I can use?

Try the arrow keys on your keyboard. The up and down arrow keys will help with scrolling. You can also jump to the top and bottom of the page using the page up and page down keys. To move through the site, try using your tab key, followed by the return key.

How do I get around the site?

You can get to any of the main sections – Services, Support Us, News, About Us, Shop – by using the main navigation menu across the top of every page. There is also a search box - to help you quickly find things based on keywords.

There is a broken link - how do I report it?

First try pressing Cntl + F5. This refreshes what you see on screen to get the latest web page. If you have a broken link send of the page reference and the name of the photo, file or PDF that is broken. (Hint:) To get the page reference, copy and paste the whole text in the top of your browser i.e. http://www.guidedogs.org.uk/brighton Send this info to website@guidedogs.org.uk We will endeavour to get the link fixed within 10 working days of reporting. Please note are only responsible for the following websites content: http://www.guidedogs.org.uk/ http://www.guidedogsgiving.org.uk/ http://www.guidedogs.org.uk/sharedstreets http://www.healthyeyes.org.uk/

The layout isnt displaying properly? / I'm having to scroll a lot widthways

The website is designed to display best in the following resolutions. Pixels 768x1280 Pixels 1024x1280 Change the screen resolution by

  1. Click control panel
  2. Click on Display
  3. Go to the Settings tab
  4. Modify the Pixel to either of these or the closest match.

Pixels 768x1280 Pixels 1024x1280