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Charity Volunteering - Volunteer For Guide Dogs

Give a little time to Guide Dogs

Rach Patterson Volunteer Puppy Walker With PuppyAnd make a big difference to someone's life

Come and join the Guide Dogs team. We rely on volunteers who give their time for so many things. From the volunteers who care for our dogs, guide people who are blind or partially sighted, drive or raise funds, to those who come out occasionally to hold a bucket or cheer on marathon runners, volunteers are closely involved in almost every area of what we do.

By volunteering for Guide Dogs you'll be helping to make a huge difference to the lives of people who are blind and partially-sighted. But that's not all - you'll be part of a great team, you'll be learning new skills and we promise you'll have a lot of fun!

To find out what you can do in your area, just type in your postcode into this ‘local to you’ box or register straight away in our ‘apply for a role’ section.


Apply for a role

If you would like to give your time to Guide Dogs, just complete our simple volunteer registration form online. Apply now!

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Local to you

Guide Dogs has teams all over the UK. Find out what is happening near you.