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Training for your Organisation

Supplying your organisation with the tools to serve and assist customers with sight loss

Every hour, another person in the UK goes blind. Our programme of commercial training and professional consultancy services has a positive impact on many organisations including hospitals, supermarkets, transport companies, local authorities, department stores, aged care facilities and entertainment venues, keeping the world accessible to customers with sight loss.

If you offer a service to members of the public whether for payment of not, whether you are a private business or a public service, this training is for you. It explains what our legal duties are to assistance dog owners under the Equality Act and Disability Discrimination Act (Northern Ireland) and how you can meet them. Many people may struggle accessing your business because they have sight loss. It’s not a small problem. 

Almost two million people in the UK are living with sight loss. By 2050, there could be nearly four million.  


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Spending from people with disabilities is valued at an estimated £80 billion – can your organisation afford not to take notice?

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Around 90 per cent of people with sight loss would walk away from inaccessible or unwelcoming services.

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