Friends and Family training

Through our My Guide service we offer Friends and Family group sessions.

You don't need to be receiving the My Guide service (or any of the other services we provide). If you know someone with a visual impairment, or are visually impaired yourself and would like those around you to gain more of an insight, then you're welcome to attend!

We offer interactive group sessions where we aim to provide those attending with a greater understanding of living with visual impairments and to refine their sighted guiding skills.

What can be expected from the session:

  • Experience simulations of various eye conditions
  • Peer support and discussions to share skills and experiences
  • Sighted guiding techniques and development of pre-existing skills.

If a group session wouldn't work for you, please contact your local Guide Dogs team to discuss the other options available. Alternatively phone 0345 143 0229 or email and let us know where you live, so we can put you in touch with your local team.

Rebecca’s story 

"My vision has recently taken a dip and I have had to start addressing the whole sight loss issue head on." 

Rebecca needed her family and friends to change and adapt round her. "I needed them to stop being so 'sighted' around me. Saying things like “over there” and pointing or walking off in busy places." 

"The Friends and Family training from Guide Dogs has given them more confidence to be able to be open about issues. It gave me a greater sense that people understand what I was going through. Losing your vision is much easier when those around you are aware and have the confidence to tackle issues with you.”

Contact us about My Guide 

We have teams covering all of the UK and would love to speak to you about My Guide. Get in touch by calling us on 0345 143 0229 or email and let us know where you live, so we can put you in touch with your local team.