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Ten apps for children with sight loss this Summer

26 Jul 2017

Access Technology

School’s out! and children and young people with sight loss will want to stave off holiday boredom the same as any schoolchild, and technology can be key.

Here’s a look at ten apps which could help a child with sight loss enjoy the world around them the same as their friends, from magnification to dictation and fun games.

Handy hint: It’s always worth remembering to look for the Lite version when searching for apps as they are free. If you have any questions about apps or would like to know more about funding an iPad, or any other technology, please contact our Access Technology Service.

  1. Magnifying Glass with Light:
    This simple app allows you to magnify objects up to 10x. Just tap on and off for the light and the features work well with Voiceover, which is the in-built screen- reading software which comes with iOS. Free on iOS.
  2. Dragon Dictation:
    An easy-to-use voice recognition app, powered by Dragon Naturally Speaking, it allows you to dictate Facebook updates, messages and lots more. Trial version available on iOS and Android.
  3. aidColors:
    Easy and fast colour recognition app which has been developed to allow people with sight loss to identify colours on clothing and other objects. It can also be used as a fun game for children. Free on iOS.
  4. Daisy Talk:
    The international standard for digital books designed for people unable to read print. Daisy Talk reads out the text of a book using your operating system’s screen-reading software. £25.99 on iOS/Android.
  5. TapTapSee:
    Use a phone’s camera and speech software to photograph and object and then identify it. The app analyses the image and gives you a description within seconds.Free on iOS and Android.
  6. Audible:
    The audio book service from Amazon. It has best sellers, classics, nonfiction and much more. The app itself is free but you will need a monthly subscription. However, a month’s free trial is available. Free on iOS, Android and Windows App (subscription from £7.99 a month).
  7. Fluidity:
    A cause and effect app which looks a bit like a lava lamp. Use your fingers to move the fluid around the screen, with stunning colours, movement and sparkle at your fingertips. Lite version available on iOS and Android.
  8. Car Wash: (great for younger children)
    A touch activity with an animated step by step story which will give parents and children plenty to talk about. Free on iOS and Android.
  9. Art of Glow:
    Move your finger across the screen and the lights will follow, really fun and creative. Free on iOS and Android.
  10. Relax Melodies:
    Works as a soundboard for sleep sounds which can help those who find falling asleep hard. App and one track free on iOS and Android.